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Know the Benefits of Phosphate for the Human Body

Phosphate is a chemical that has a number of important roles for the body, one of which helps energy production and cell structure formation. The following will explain more about the various benefits of phosphate for the body. Phosphate is absorbed by the body through various types of food consumed. About 85% of phosphate in the human body can be found in bones. While the rest, spread in cells and body tissues. The Important Role of Phosphate for the Body Phosphate is a chemical that contains phosphorus minerals. When it enters the intestine through food, phosphorus is absorbed and mixed with oxygen to form phosphate. Together with calcium, phosphate will work to build and repair bones and teeth. As one type of electrolyte, phosphate can carry an electric charge. This supports phosphate function which is related to nerve performance and muscle movement. In cells, phosphate works as an energy source. Phosphate also acts as a material making up several important structures, such
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Three Types of Disorders of the Ovary Based on Symptoms

The ovaries are an important part of the female reproductive organs. This organ functions to produce hormones and release eggs so that pregnancy can occur. If there is a problem with the ovaries, a woman is at high risk for difficulty getting pregnant. Therefore, it is important to recognize the symptoms of disorders of the ovaries. Disorders of the ovaries can be recognized from pain around the area of this organ, including in the lower abdomen, around the pelvis, and also below the navel. The disorder can be caused by various diseases, ranging from cysts to tumors. Pain in the ovaries can be acute or chronic. Acute pain arises and disappears quickly, while chronic pain is felt gradually and can persist for months. In some cases, the pain can be so mild that the sufferer barely feels it. However, there are times when the pain will worsen when undergoing certain activities, such as when urinating or exercising. Types of disorders of the ovary The following are three types of diso

Is Progesterone Therapy Effective as a Gynecologist, Here Are the Facts

Pregnant woman ever heard of obstetrical booster therapy? For pregnancies that are declared at risk, the doctor may suggest progesterone hormone therapy as an obstacle enhancer. But, is the hormone progesterone therapy effective and how is it done? The hormone progesterone plays an important role in pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. This hormone therapy is one of the treatment options given to women who have had miscarriages. The aim is to strengthen the uterus and prevent recurrent miscarriages. Why Progesterone Is Important in Early Pregnancy Actually progesterone naturally exists in the body, but the level of the new progesterone hormone will increase during ovulation. This aims to help build the lining of the uterus where the egg is attached, as well as provide nutrition to the fetus early in pregnancy. The hormone progesterone also plays an important role in the formation of the placenta around the gestational age of 10 weeks and forms the blood supply. In addit